Secure Housing

Homeless veterans, by definition, have difficulty finding and maintaining secure housing. Providing shelter is the first step in combating the growing problem of veteran homelessness.

Mental Health

Many service men and women return home struggling with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. As a result, transition back into society can be difficult, resulting in job loss, substance abuse, and homelessness.


Living on the streets has adverse effects on one’s health. Lack of hygiene practices, access to drugs and alcohol, and exposure to the elements are just some examples of things that can be addressed by healthcare.

Substance Abuse

One of the largest concerns associated with homelessness is substance abuse. Whether it’s the abuse of prescription medication, alcohol or drugs, this is one of the primary reasons that veterans remain homeless.


Without an income, many homeless veterans find themselves unable to be effectively represented with legal issues. Additionally, many of the issues associated with homelessness land veterans in court without the ability to pay for representation.

Human Development

Once the contributing causes of homelessness have been addressed, it’s crucial to provide veterans with opportunities to continue their education, enroll in training and sustain themselves.

Make A Difference

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